domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2007

OCTV - Beta Release 0.1.12

Desde hoy esta disponible la primera beta release de OCTV. OCTV (Open Circuit of TV)

Ante cualquier duda consultar con cualquiera de los desarrolladores.

Esta es la nota de la release.

This is a beta release of the OCTV,have a lot of new Features.

- New Look and Feel

- New Icons Style (Proyect Tango -

- New security, now you can configure user name and password security based access for all cameras.

- New interaction backend based on TCP/IP Socket.
The OCTV GUI works with an Recorder Backend (based on VLC), in Earlier versions this communications Worked with HTTP protocol. After several problems we decide change this system for something more dynamic and interactive, the option was TCP/IP Socket.

- New Internationalization system, we work to remove all labels from the code and put into a single file of language. This make more easily translate the OCTV to other languages.

- New Debug System, with the command line argument -v you can view a full debug info to find errors more easily.